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Live your best possible life every day. Feel fully alive, energized, engaged, happier and content. Experience your dreams. Health Assure 24-7 lifetime membership makes it easy. 

Brian McDermott

Healthiness is Essential for Life
Health Assure 24-7 Lifetime Membership is Only $100. Benefits and privileges
include your choice of one free bundled services package
  1. Self-Care Health Coaching
    Online and phone or in-person coaching and tutoring to develop knowledge and skills for self-directed health and wellness self-care
  2. Health & Wellness Report Card
    Comprehensive health, fitness and wellness assessment and identification of prevention or intervention opportunities to protect health
  3. Shared-Care Support Services
    Healthcare services and settings are high risk and bills are extremely costly. Shared-care support protects your health and wealth
Check out what Health Assure 24-7 offers you! 

Health Assure 24-7 Wellness Plans for Employees 

Sponsoring Health Assure 24-7 as a health and wellness benefit for your employees will prove to be among the smartest, most profitable and economical decisions that you make this month. Our dollar-for-dollar match ($100 in free services) gives you a first-class wellness benefit, engineered specifically for the demands of life and work in Alaska, for virtually no-cost. Your enterprise will also get some fringe benefits:   
Healthy discounts on corporate training. Owners and managers will value and profit from access to domain expertise on enterprise health assurance; and employees will value and benefit from highly specialized yet condensed learning on personal health, fitness, wellness and self improvement matters of importance. See below for details.  
Health improvement outcomes management for all participating employees, who select Health & Wellness Report Card as their free service, for a 12 month period, including outcome opportunity identification, personalized plans, measurement and monitoring of progress and outcomes, This is a free service for all sponsors (employers).
Onsite fitness and wellness festivals arranged as a benefit for employees; our Last Frontier 90-day Life Change Challenge administered, including a kick-off rally and assistance developing awards and prizes. Both opportunities are provided at no cost for sponsors. And discounts on our technical and professional services (audits, consulting, etc).


Events consist of meeting-stye rountables, conferences or symposia, small group sessions or one-on-one tutoring and advisory  

Training to assure awareness and transfer practical, actionable knowledge on enterprise fiscal health risk management strategic planning and execution, progress and outcomes quality measurement and management. Events are fully-customizable and condense decades of experience into just a few hours. 


One or more sessions a day, at any time during the workday, on one or more days a week, for six or more weeks. Duration: 20 to 60 minutes per event 

Practical, immediately actionable knowledge to facilitate and assure success in self-improvement endeavors. Topics include health preservation, medical risk and condition prevention or intervention and management, safety, fitness (goal-specific exercise training and nutritional strategies), psychological and mental conditioning, mindfulness, life-work balance, wellness, motivational readiness for behavioral change, priority management, self-mastery, energy management, activity-specific performance, stress combat and other topics. Content is fully-customizable and provided by a subject matter expert whose helped hundreds of others master this essential knowledge and produce results. The result is a highly effective and efficient training opportunity. 
About the Provider
Brian "Mac" McDermott, B.Sc., is a life-long avid exercise enthusiast and an adventure junkie throughout Alaska, both on- and off-the-road-system. Subject matter expertise and skills in the health management arena include practical applications of physiological sciences (health, exercise and movement sciences), behavioral sciences, quality and risk management indices, and other scientific principles to achieve improvements in and maximize quality of daily life, healthiness, happiness, fitness, wellness, energy, performance, prosperity and abundance. He holds more than 28 years of professional experience in all sectors of the healthcare industry, medical fitness, personal training, sports medicine, athletic performance, corporate and community wellness, education, consulting, advising and coaching. 
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We serve employers, employees and other individuals on the road system throughout the State of Alaska. Our primary region is from Girdwood to Talkeetna and Sutton. 
If you have questions or to enroll in Health Assure 24-7 please contact us via the form below. We will respond within 24 hours. Please know that we do not provide your personal information to anyone without your written authorization. Thank you for visiting our site.